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About Our Savory Life

Welcome to Our Savory Life! I’m Bri. And I cook with my husband, affectionately referred to as beau 🙂

For us, we found very quickly that cooking isn’t just about food. It’s about telling a story. It’s about inviting others into our lives. Our crazy, delicious lives. This is our savory life.

So pull up a chair. Join us as we journey through this life, with Jesus as our aim, bringing people together around a table filled with food, love, and many, many stories.

who are we?

We’re just two people who fell in love. And shortly after marrying had this conversation,

Bri: “What do you mean the budget does not allow for us to eat out every night?! What will we do?!!”

Beau: “We will grocery shop and cook.”

And thus our journey began. I reluctantly stepped into the kitchen. And I fell. I fell hard. And I am talking about falling in love.

We found out how much we truly love cooking.
I also love writing. So you see, a blog was so obvious!

We want you to write your own story in your own kitchen with your own family too.

our mission statement

We want to encourage our readers to:

Cook at home more. Eat healthier. Cultivate expertise and confidence as a cook. Share your food with those you love!
In a snapshot: Cook. Eat. Cultivate. Love.

We don’t want to just throw a recipe out there and leave you be. We want you to grow as a cook.

So this blog is for those of us that want to cook more at home and be confident in the kitchen without needing to go to culinary school.

why is this important to us?

It’s what I needed to start my journey in my own kitchen. It led to a deeper understanding of food and wiser decisions about what we should eat.

Best of all, it led to some seriously delicious meals. Meals we love to share with our friends and family.

how do we accomplish this?

We give you our recipes! I include helpful tips – at least tips that helped me.
Most of all, we share our stories behind the food to inspire you to look at cooking in the kitchen as an adventure, a story in its own right. Like I said above, we want you to write your own story in your own kitchen with your own family.

In the end it is all about you using your kitchen and your skills as a cook to bring people together around your table for a delicious meal, some fellowship, and a lot of love.

We think Jesus first set this example for us when He broke bread around the table with His disciples. We want to follow in His steps.

Welcome to Our Savory Life.

how our savory life began

Now you know all about Our Savory Life. If you want to learn HOW it all began, well here you go:
This is a story. It’s a birth story. The birth of Our Savory Life.

On April 8, 2011 I married Beau. It was truly the best day. You should read about what led us to this lifetime commitment.

As a newlywed I knew I had to start cooking. Either that, or it would be hot dogs every night for dinner. And while tempting (cause this girl loves a good hot dog), something had to be done. I had to master my kitchen.

For the first few months I was in the kitchen experimenting. Lots of experimenting. I was on the phone with my mom A LOT. I started to pick up tricks and tips. I started to figure out what we liked and didn’t like. Spices started to make more since. So did heating a pan.

One day I was in the kitchen cooking and it hit me. I really love cooking. Something else took me by surprise, Beau was often in the kitchen with me. I started to call him my sous chef.

I also realized that I did not just like cooking, I liked learning about cooking. I would research the “best” this and the “best” that. How to’s and what not to do’s. I learned (and am learning) a lot. I started to share what I learned with friends and family. And they liked what I had to share 🙂  That made me happy.

As I sat in our reading room one morning with coffee in one hand and my prayer journal in another, something else struck me. I liked cooking almost as much as I liked writing. Maybe more.

The thought occurred, I should write about food.

And that is how Our Savory Life was born.

On Sunday morning , Dec. 9, 2012 I was standing in church, worshiping and the name “Our Savory Life” kind of hit me.

On 12.12.12 Beau and I were talking about this food-esque blog and the name, “Our Savory Life” kept resonating with us. Because it’s not just about food. And it’s not just about me in the kitchen. It’s about us together and finding delicious recipes that our friends (and we hope you and your friends) can enjoy.

It’s about telling a story. Our story. This is our savory life.

hello love...

Welcome! I'm Bri! Accidental home cook. Lover of gathering people around a table over a meal. Author of Come & Eat (September 2017). What I really want is to pull out a chair for you at my table. But until then, I hope you stay awhile and enjoy my stories + recipes! 

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