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Hearts and a Champagne Vinaigrette Recipe

I missed you. Last week there were no food posts.View full post »

The Feeling of Knowing Love

So… Belle is traveling this week in Uganda,View full post »

On Cooking and Small Dreams

Cooking can be monotonous at times. The peelingView full post »

I’m Back. But Not Without an Explanation First.

First, let me tell you where I’ve been. BecauseView full post »

standing behind the fire

On Missing Home & Standing Behind Fire

Light joys wisp around me. They catch my eye inView full post »

This is Why I Cook

Teary eyes call on faraway lands, aView full post »

Food for the Soul: Compassion Bloggers

Last week I told you I would be traveling toView full post »

How to Shred Chicken in One Minute

If you love using shredded chicken in yourView full post »

on leaving the internet for one year

On Leaving the Internet for One Year

Sunlight tumbles into my bedroom like it’sView full post »

A Note On Fear. For Dreamers.

Currently, my personal image of myself could beView full post »

how to sharpen a kitchen knife

How to Sharpen a Kitchen Knife & Why You Should

Hi, I’m Beau, and I used to think that a knifeView full post »

On Eggs and Cracking

I wrote this post last Thursday when Florida cameView full post »

Exchanging Diamond Earrings

Note: This post was published as an introductionView full post »

A New Home for Naomi

“I don’t know why.” I was ready to answer theView full post »

On Sticks and Stones

Words come in a permanent form. No eraser. I handView full post »

One Word.

She strikes again. Almost a year later.  “She”View full post »

Love Taught Me to Be Quiet

Isn’t this just like me? A new post…View full post »

Love will have His way.

The days emerge without regret, inView full post »

because of Love.

Sweet coconut tickles my nose as it floats awayView full post »

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