To This World: I’ve Been Looking at You All Wrong

To this world:
I’ve been looking at you all wrong.

You stepped up to me when I was young and flung open your coat so I could see what you carried.

You cooed, “I’ve got it all. Anything you want.”

You seemed nice enough. So I took a hit.

Compassin Bloggers Ecuador 2016-DayOne-19

First it was popularity, which has taken approximately my whole life to come down from.

Then you let me sample pride, possessions, power. It was all so strong. It was all so intoxicating. You spun me around until I was too dizzy to look straight and you sent me on my way, “I’m all yours, baby. Live it up.”

I have the immense honor on continuing this story over on Ann Voskamp’s blog. I am currently in Ecuador leading our 14th Compassion Blog Trip which boasts of such bright hearts as Ruth Simons, Ashley Campbell and Shannan Martin.

It would be a grace and profound joy to have you read our posts and enter these stories. Thank you, friends.

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