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Hi, my name is Bri without an “e” – just short and sweet. My last is giving us a complex too – it’s McKoy with a “K” instead of a “C.” This is what we’re working with!

Welcome to Our Savory Life.

I didn’t start cooking until 26. Actually, real talk? I didn’t even learn to cook until 26. It was conveniently after I got married.

After the wedding, after the honeymoon, after the cross-country move into my first home with my new husband, I found myself queuing up day after day in the Exchanges and Returns line at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I’d lug the boxes from my car and wait dutifully in line to return most of the kitchen items we’d received as wedding gifts. Though I was grateful, I really didn’t expect to use them. Except for the forks. (I’m not completely classless. Of course, we’d need a way to eat our takeout!)

After those first few months of marriage, despite my best attempts to stay out of the kitchen, I was gently informed by my husband that our budget could not support our eating-out habit. I nodded slowly, not fully in agreement, because, how were we going to eat?


And let’s not forgot about Lucy! Lucy who worked at our little corner Thai shop and always got so excited to hear my cheery order over the phone. What about Lucy, Jeremy?

Of course the answer, which apparently was clear to most sensible human beings was, learn to cook. And I so I went kicking and screaming into our small apartment kitchen.

Initially, I thought the best thing about learning to cook would be eating a meal at dinnertime and not spiraling into a Thai-takeout-debt hole.

I could not fathom what Jesus would teach me through my journey into the kitchen and then the table. 

But first…

A few years into cooking I started this food blog. I was desperate to cook cleaner but there were not many recipes out there about Paleo cooking (the Paleo boom was just on the cusp of happening). I would take my favorite meals and turn them Paleo. Friends would come over and I wouldn’t whisper a word of “grain-free” or “no refined sugars” or “all real food!” until later in the night. After they cleaned their plates. After they asked me for the recipe.

I was getting asked for my recipes so much I started a food blog. You will find a lot of Paleo recipes on this blog. I never use refined sugars in my recipes. Never any gluten.

Are we 100% Paleo?

No. Nope. Nada.

We did not choose Paleo cooking because of food allergies, we chose it because we wanted to eat healthier. So, when we cook at home it is Paleo or clean eating for us. But when we travel, eat at friend’s houses, or are out on date night – we indulge.

Because for us it’s all about balance.

So if you see a baguette or dessert pop up on my Instagram feed (where I document my journey into the kitchen and to the table – by the way, be sure to follow me because I especially document my screw-ups, like this beauty):

My perfectly burnt chicken – read the full story here.

Anyway, if you see non-paleo items pop up in other areas of my life no need to freak out. We’re just doing our best to live this crazy life, balanced while allowing it to still be wondrously delicious.

I did not wait to figure out cooking before we started feeding people. Our neighbors. Our small group. Jeremy’s squadron. We figured the best thing we could bring to the table is ourselves – why wait until I master a perfectly roasted chicken. Besides, in dire need there was always takeout.

We started bringing people to our table, we noticed as they started opening more of their hearts to us. We opened up more too. Acquaintances became friends. Friends became brothers and sisters.

We weren’t just inviting people to our tables, we were inviting them into our wild, messy, beautiful life.

Then I started noticing in the Gospels how many times Jesus started appearing at a table. With the most unlikely people. Over the most unlikely reasons.

He showed me that His table is for all people and all people are welcome to His table.

We want our table to look like even a hint of His table.

We want to eat with the misfits, the outcast, the lonely. We want to remember that we’re all hungry in our own ways.

Then I wrote a whole book about this journey: Come & Eat: A Celebration of Love and Grace Around the Everyday Table.

It has my failures, my triumphs, my missteps, my mission to create a longer table.

It’s not just my journey, it’s an invitation for you. To start or continue your journey to your everyday table. I wanted to give you everything you need to keep showing up to your table so my book has 21 easy, flavorful weeknight recipes (all of them gluten free and paleo optional). I also include 21 days of prayers and questions for your table.

If someone would’ve told me that this journey into the kitchen would led me to a food blog and a book on food and gathering – I’d laugh. But that’s the thing about Jesus, He is always using the most unlikely of people to do the most unlikely things.

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Welcome! I'm Bri! Accidental home cook. Lover of gathering people around a table over a meal. Author of Come & Eat (September 2017). What I really want is to pull out a chair for you at my table. But until then, I hope you stay awhile and enjoy my stories + recipes!

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