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because of Love.

Montague's ParlorSweet coconut tickles my nose as it floats away from my teacup.

Black tea at Montague’s. Welcome to my Sunday.

The sun is sneaky bright this afternoon. Like she threw off winter and is making her own path.

This day culminates into defiance (the sun refusing the season) and my heart watches. Makes me want to defy something too; usually my perceptions. I know I can’t come close to dreaming as big as He can.

Unimaginable, it’s the signature of His will. Love, the path He leads me on as He takes me through the story.

The purpose of this post is to point you somewhere else. I heard a sermon the other day (podcast it!) from Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle called Trial: Suffer to Worship.  (You can click on this link and then click “Audio only” or you can go to iTunes, search Mark Driscoll and then you can download the sermon for free).

It was truly challenging to listen to and now the Holy Spirit is busy at work as He establishes and reproofs me to make me a woman holy as Jesus is holy.

Mark Dirscoll makes the case that when a Christian suffers there is an opportunity to truly examine ourselves, an opportunity to become better worshippers. He states,

Suffering is an amazing opportunity in which we get to know:

  • where our hope truly is
  • where our identity is ultimately fashioned
  • who our real God is

I won’t steal the Holy Spirit’s resounding movement, I am sure He has some message for your heart, maybe different than the one He had for me when I listened to the message. If you have a moment please listen to it and let me know your thoughts. Hopefully, and soon, I will expand more on what my heart knows of this lesson.

To close, this was heavy to listen to only because it clear that the life of a Christian truly is one marked by suffering. More so, a crescendo of praise is to ensue in this time as opposed to what the world has for us, a heart of despair.

In this I rejoice: my heart will not settle. It will not become as some form of concrete laid down and left to dry. I am, inwardly, churned and shaken. Cracked and broken. The mark of Love, oh how severe! How magnificent! Thrashed within, praise throughout.

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  • sethbraDecember 2, 2009 - 3:12 pm
    BRI! finished Life of Pi on sunday. one of the most profound reading experiences i've ever had. you should consider buying it for our anti-fiction friend for christmas. it makes as good an argument as you'll find....


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