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This One’s for the Children – The Hope Bearers

We’re the Good Samaritan, right? Sometimes we’re also the one wounded on the side of the road. But this thing doesn’t work, this daily living in this bright and wounding world doesn’t work unless we’re being helped and we’re also helping. It doesn’t work if we don’t walk each other Home. It doesn’t work if we don’t let Jesus use our whole full life to help and love and be there for other whole full lives.

Cochabamba Bolivia

We can’t walk the line. Not alone.

washing dishes in Bolivia

Peeling potatoes in Bolivia

Today we flew to La Paz, Bolivia and we’re in the home of these two little brothers, Jesus and Miguel, and I’m watching them water their mommas garden.

a watering bucket

The garden that is mostly dried dirt and a few plants that look more dead than alive.

watering plants

& I’m thinking, they get it.

We’re all walking the path. Sometimes our path is a little dusty and sometimes it’s down right mud drenched. And I screw this up a lot. I think I should be able to cross that finish line alone. I let things get in the way of someone entering my path. Things like pretending. I only want people on the tidy part of my path. I want to believe I can walk my dirt path without ever getting any of the dirt on me or my path mates.

Can you imagine?

Sometimes someone new appears on my path and I’m all like, “Oh hey -I know, dirty path right?” Meanwhile I am standing there dirt caked because maybe it was a hard day or a hard season. The grace people, the Light people, cordially pull out a napkin like there’s nothing about my mess that scares them, or even better – nothing about my mess that deters them from me.

You know who really doesn’t mind a little mud? Children.

So there’s these brothers. Together.

jesus and miguel

They bump right up against the dirt and the mud and the dead and they say, “Hey, I have a bucket and some water. Looks like there is some space for a garden. Let’s get to work.”

We can do this. We can grab a hand and a bucket and we can help wash someone with just our presence. We can trust that Jesus will use us even if we feel like we are the definition of unusable. He’s not letting us do this alone. He’s calling us and He is doing. He is the Doer.

I think about my path a lot and the people on it. You know who constantly comes to mind? My own sponsored children. I know. They are worlds away but I most certainly entered their path when I sponsored them. I most certainly have the honor of walking them Home in some way. But you know what the real honor is? The real honor is that they are walking me Home. Just like Jesus and Miguel they are showing me we can hold the bucket together. We can water the land and wait with pregnant hope. We can enter all the things we don’t understand or the things that overwhelm us – things like poverty and injustice and privilege.

You know what we don’t need to enter the hard and hurting? We don’t need answers. We need faith. we just need to show up. To walk right into the hurting, the desperate, the sick with our life bucket and grab a hand and say, “Let’s do this together.”

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  • Donna Cartee FlynnAugust 5, 2016 - 4:54 am

    You write so beautifully. May I too allow people to share my path. I’m not the best at sharing myself. God help me to always put others before myself.ReplyCancel

  • Teena Graham PriceAugust 5, 2016 - 12:49 pm

    Oh Las Paz… Oh how I love you sharing. May we share our path with others and let others share with us. Love this!ReplyCancel

  • Tru ReevesAugust 10, 2016 - 1:32 am

    Thank you so much for these encouraging words.

    Walk Each Other Home….Blessings always.ReplyCancel

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