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In Which We Can Be Hope – Giving Tuesday

Let’s do something different today.

It’s not a recipe.

But it is about feeding. It is about full life. It is about nourishment.

It’s about her.


And the life that grew full inside her. And now she’s trying to keep that life full.

She lives in India. Maybe you don’t know India.

But you probably know motherhood. Whether you are a mother. Or were raised by a mother.

So here we are. A world apart. But there is this one strong, shiny string that connects us all.



Giving Tuesday

In India, child survival is a serious issue. A, “nearly 1 million children will never reach their first birthday” issue.

Why? Because of lack of clean water. Because of lack of food. Because a mama living in poverty in India just does not have the basic resources to keep a life beating. The life that began inside her.

But that’s where we come in. Today on Giving Tuesday Compassion International is going to fund a Child Survival Program for moms and babes in India.


It’s $25,000 to start this center. Will you help us fund it? Will you share about this?

Share this link:

And maybe today you can be the hope for a mother who forgot what hope is. Maybe she is a world away, on a continent you’ve never visited, but her heartbeat for a life lived in her body, now flesh, is the same.

And maybe this can be our prayer for these moms and babes today.

A Prayer for Mamas the World Over

Father, how can my heart not burst right open when I see these images of moms with their babies in India. Beautiful moms. Babies full on wonder and life. You touched them. You formed them. And here they are. Adorned in flesh, ready to live this life outright.

Will you be peace to these mamas? When the days seem more dark than light.

Will you be provision for these babies and mamas? When she is wondering where the next meal will come from. Will You reach down and give and give and give so that her only response is to look right back at You in amazement and thanksgiving.

Use us to be that provision. Use me, Father.

Will you be her bright, strong hope? When she wonders what this life is about. What there is for her baby in this life… pour out Your hope that can’t stop.

When she is hard on herself. Maiming her character and her motherhood because she is frustrated, angered or downright scared, will You catch her and pour out lovingkindess so rich that it defeats every lie she accepts about herself.

To our Lord who is our Father. Who created Mothers. Amen.

To you all who read this little blog. Who love food. Who love gathering around a table big with hope. A table holding food that draws out hearts. A table that is encircled with hands that hold onto each others with thanksgiving, thank you.

Please share today. Please give today.

And there is always room for a selfie 🙂 Will you post on Instagram?

I’ll go first.


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