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I’d rather say goodnight.

I was over-thinking, which probably happens too often and this week it was completely distracting.

Between work, maintaining friendships and making new friends, family, exercise, work, relationship with the Lord, work, personal hygiene (haha, had to put this in here cause it does take time), dealing with this heart, and work (I mentioned that, right?) I am headed for a silent corner in a dark room and foreseeing a very long sigh followed by a quivering chin… my teeth gently biting my lip while i run through all the reasons why crying might not be the best option – even though no one can see, even though this past month has left its mark well on my heart.

All my reasons will lose this battle. Nothing convinces me into sobbing like slow tears. I enjoy tears so much, but the timid, shy tears… those ones are charming, a grand friend of mine. They sit and wait on the rim of my eyelids as if being courteous, careful not to fall too quickly so as not to ensue more damage. And then, at just the right moment they spill over, dampening my eyelids, sauntering down my cheek bone, face, jaw and they hang on waiting to make a grand exit. Then the fall. Those tears are sacred and in so many ways recall to my mind the kindness of the Lord.

It is disconcerting to me that with so much going on in my life I can feel as lonely as I do at times. But I do, and this position of my heart is dedicated to the listening ears of Abba.

So there it is. Maybe loneliness isn’t the depressing monster I dress it up to be.

And there is joy, there is radiant joy. My life is full and my Lover is near. I love “top” lists. And here it is my top list for this month. The roses emerging among the thorns:

1. the cd Explosions in the Sky, recommended to me by such a gentle friend. Specifically the song, “Your Hand in Mine”

2. All things pumpkin. I am addicted! Pumpkin spice latte’s. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin scented candles. Th new pumpkin hershey kisses. YUM!

3. My completion of The Brothers Karamzov

4. WINE. It is offic, I have started to lose my taste for white wine and moved into the sophisticated craving for red wine. Especially cab’s.

5. Dinners with Lisa which are a gift from the Lord and prepare me for the week ahead

6. My NEW Mokua Express and French Press (i fear the barista’s at Bucks are soon to forget my name)…

7. My TEAM at Compassion. Love the webbies and I love that I still drive into work every morning thinking, “I can’t believe I work here.”

8. Agia Sophia coffee shop with the Lord and chai tea

9. Truth Project bible study with some of the most amazing women I have ever met

10. The Ingrid Michaelson concert. Not to mention the moment when sweet Katy Michelle blew her nose because of a cold and we got starred down like we were out of control

11. Maryn, Stacia, Jamie and Karla. Some of the most precious friends I have. The ache in my heart for their company is a grand testimony to how the Lord has enriched our friendship and blessed me with their words, presence, prayers…

Ok, if I continued to go on, and I could, I will probably not sleep at all. BUT, I have to sleep because tomorrow I have to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Alas, there is sorrow and I will not ignore it or dress it up and call it something else. Yet, there is immense joy and I believe I am able to steep in its richness because I can acknowledge the sadness in my heart.

Since being back in America I see I am continuously at a loss of words but I also believe, like I had not believed before, that He understands… that even with my lack of explanations I have captured Him.

Oh please Lord, may it be. How beautiful You are to me.

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  • Maryn HillDecember 3, 2008 - 7:13 pm
    T-3 days till I SEE YOU!!!


  • Meredith's MemoirDecember 31, 2008 - 8:33 pm
    We both know you are a talented writer, so I will not state the obvious. I will say though, that the transparency of your writing, the blatent honesty, is so refreshing. It's encouraging beyond description. It is such a pure reflection of your heart; a true likeness to conversations we have had.
    Thank you dear friend for everything you are and all that you have been to me. You are a blessed gift to my life.


  • BeckyJanuary 6, 2009 - 7:03 pm
    Yay! I found your blog! I'm so glad.
    Brianne, I have to agree with Meredith ... I love your writing.

    I'm excited to follow you in Blogland.


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