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Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Beef Chili

Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes are here to save your life. Seriously, what is better than a sweet potato? They are the perfect mix of sweet and savory. They’re perfect as a side dish, loaded up with your favorite toppings or mashed for a savory, creamy addition to your meal.

Perfect 15 Minute Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes stuffed with weeknight beef chili! So filling and hearty. Paleo Optional!

I love to throw a couple sweet potatoes in the Instant Pot when I have leftovers. Especially leftover beef chili.

Speaking of leftovers, I am officially cooking for one over the next several months. Jeremy is deployed and I forgot how hard it is to motivate myself to cook for just one. But after too many nights of takeout I have a game plan. The next few weeks I’ll be sharing meals that are easy to convert into delicious leftovers for the week!

So, if you’re cooking for one or for just one other, I have you covered!

This week in Hermosa has been unusually chilly. I am wearing long sleeves and lighting candles and cuddling up in a blanket in the evening. Whenever the weather starts to get a little cool I always run for my soup pot. I almost always make my cold weather beef chili first.

But sister does not want to eat chili for 6 straight days. One of my favorite ways to repurpose this chili is to spoon a hearty scoop onto a sweet potato!

Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

One of the things I do most with my Instant Pot is cook potatoes. I do it for my potato salad. And now I always cook my sweet potatoes with the IP!

Seriously, it takes 15 minutes. No need to turn on an oven.

Top your Instant Pot sweet potatoes with chili and any toppings you love! What is your favorite way to use your Instant Pot?

Perfect 10 Minute Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes stuffed with weeknight beef chili! So filling and hearty. Paleo Optional!



Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Chili

  • Author: Bri McKoy



1 cup water
2 large sweet potatoes

To Serve:
2 cups chili
Sour Cream
Hot Sauce


  1. Place steamer basket in Instant Pot and add 1 cup water.
  2. Scrub sweet potatoes until skins are clean. Place on top of the steamer basket.
  3. Secure and lock lid and move vent to “Sealing.”
  4. Select High Pressure and set time for 15 minutes.
  5. Allow to release naturally and move vent to “Venting.”
  6. Remove sweet potatoes. To serve, cut sweet potato in half and load up with chili and favorite toppings.


Get the recipe for weeknight chili here (paleo optional!)


Perfect 15 Minute Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes stuffed with weeknight beef chili! So filling and hearty. Paleo Optional!

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