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What Everybody Ought to Know About Hope

There are a great many things I adore about Emily. Her wisdom is one of them. A few months ago she shared about how there is always room at the table and I haven’t forgotten about it since. In fact, those words have bubbled up as I have been in Ecuador.

This whole land has felt like one big table set by God and I am still trying to hold that He invited me to it. This is one of the stories He invited me into:

Today Shannan, Calvin (her son) and I trekked up a steep dirt path to get to you, Ana.

Compassion Bloggers Ecuador 2016-DayFour-31

Compassion Bloggers Ecuador 2016-DayFour-32


It is a privilege to share Ana’s story

(and friends I am calling all prayer warriors because her family needs prayer like their lives depended on it – because their lives actually depend on it) over on Emily P. Freeman‘s blog today.

If you need a little compass towards hope today, I think Ana’s burning faith can catch you aflame. It set me right on fire. Please read now.

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